Bread baking is not all that difficult! Here’s an easy recipe that will have your friends admiring your baking skills!

You will need:
1 packet Taste of Italy – we recommend the “Funghi” , “Mediterraneo” or “Arrabbiata” mix.
500g packet of Self raising flour
500ml butter milk
Some olive oil.
Lazy version:
1kg bread dough from your local store & your Taste of Italy pasta mix.

Cooking Instructions:
1) Pre-heat oven to 180 degree’s and grease your bread tin.
2) Add the DRY pasta mix to the flour and mix
3) Add your butter milk to the dry mix, kneading thoroughly.
4) Place in your bread tin and brush the top with olive oil.
5) Bake for 1 hour.

For the cheat version, just add pasta blend to dough kneading ingredients into the dough.  Then follow steps 4 & 5.

Note: The butter milk recipe is a very dense bread with a short shelf life. So this would have to be consumed the same day….although we’re sure this won’t be a problem.

Bon Appetito!

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